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Jack’s Story

Jack A vb

Dear Friend:

“Don’t give my bed away.” Jack (pictured right) said on the phone to me as he was recovering in the hospital from his second stroke he suffered in shelter last August. These words broke my heart and I quickly reassured him that we would “never give his bed away” and quickly followed up with “just get well and come home to us.”  Jack had his first stroke in October 2015 at his job. He came to ESNKY after he lost his job, insurance, savings, home and family.  He was struggling to say the least.

For Jack and the 114 men that entered the transitional recovery program last summer ESNKY became a place they called home. A place to work toward stable housing by making a commitment to maintain employment, save 70% of income, improve upon their spiritual well-being and mental health. At the end of last summer, 92 attained stable housing either independently, with family or by entering treatment.  They found a home.

As for Jack, while it wasn’t an easy decision for him to come to ESNKY, he worked hard to stabilize his diabetes and overall health. He made a full recovery from the second stroke and we celebrated his 62nd birthday in shelter getting the news he was approved for Social Security Disability. We helped him find an apartment that he could call home. When we checked on him last, he was a new Grandpa and babysitting his new grandson. He was one of the 92 success stories from last summer that would not have been possible without your financial support. You can view his full story below.

A majority of our funding comes from private donors like you. You can donate online  or call us at (859)291-4555.  Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for the men to have a place to call home.

With gratitude,


Kim M. Webb

Executive Director