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ESNKY Yard Sale success!

The following was written by a guest blogger & ESNKY volunteer

What an awesome day for a Yard Sale benefitting ESNKY!

On Saturday, August 26th I had the amazing opportunity to host a Yard Sale benefitting ESNKY.  I have been volunteering each week in shelter over the past year and wanted to find another way of supporting and promoting the amazing Mission of ESNKY.

This event began as “just an idea” to raise maybe a couple hundred dollars to help my favorite organization.  Many, many people came forward to provide assistance from donating items to sell, helping sort through and price each item,  to giving time on Saturday, and to work during the Yard Sale.  I especially would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ruth Dickerson and her family and friends, the ESNKY intern Chastity S.  along with her parents, and my sister Renee Randall for their tremendous efforts. Thank you! Each and every one of you helped make this event an incredible success.

I am elated to say that we raised $460.00 for ESNKY!  This donation will run the Shelter for one night in the summer.  Awesome!

To me the real success of the Yard Sale is measured by not only the money raised, but also by how much we increased and broadened the awareness of how ESNKY serves Northern Kentucky. All during the Yard Sale the workers and I talked to the shoppers about the purpose of the event, the Programs available through ESNKY and the donations needed to support the Programs.   I really believe we positively impacted ESNKY through these efforts.

I would like to thank everyone at ESNKY for the opportunity to help and promote the organization through this event.

It was a true privilege allowed me to fulfill one of my personal volunteer goals.

Theresa Smith

ESNKY Volunteer